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Moved to HUGO

It appears the only blog posts I do these days are meta blog posts. In any case I’ve migrated this site away from {:awestruct} and am now using HUGO in conjunction with Gulp. Awestruct was beginning to be a pain and the amount of code I had to keep maintained to give myself basic required features (such as being able to push beta versions of the website to different S3 buckets, override cache control headers, or to implement disqus) was getting just as painful as keeping a Wordpress installation safe from the constant attacks - so in the long run I wasn’t really gaining anything.

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Migrated off Wordpress

It’s been a while since the last update to this website, mostly because I’ve been posting my updates to Google+ rather than here but I’ve finally redeveloped this website to move it away from Wordpress. The biggest incentive for this move is that Wordpress is a behemoth and is overkill for most websites. Due to its complexity and highly dynamic nature it is constantly being attacked by people on the Internet hoping to exploit it - this puts unneccessary load and thus cost on hosting a Wordpress site.

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NBN Fixed Wireless

Last week I had the privilege of having NBN service installed. Living out in the sticks and surviving on expensive and unreliable 3G broadband was starting to drive me crazy. As soon as the NBN rollout map showed my area had service available I signed up. There was a 2 week delay between ordering the service and my installation date (the installers said they are flat out doing installs). Where I live there are a couple of badly placed trees but even with them I was able to get reliable service.

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If you found your way here because of one of these (or perhaps from an LCA2012 search): Thanks for making LCA2012 awesome and for being excellent to each other and to me. As someone raised in Ballarat and recently returned to Ballarat it’s great to see such awesome conferences and geeks here.

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