Scott Weston

Ballarat based Internet + IT Professional

Hire Me

Hire Me

Why you should hire me

I have over 20 years experience in the IT and Internet industry, 5 of which I was employed at Google. I have extensive knowledge of cloud computing solutions (for example this entire website is hosted on the Amazon Web Services and parts of my home are automated using cloud technologies).

I donate time and experience to a local non-profit (The Ballarat Hackerspace) that provides the Ballarat region with a workshop and promotes STEM fields.

The full details of my employment history is available on my LinkedIn profile.


If you are a local[1] non-profit or community group then I am very keen to help you out pro bono for small/medium sized projects or at a reduced rate for large projects (providing the organisation is completely nondiscriminatory towards race, gender and sexual identity). I would also ensure that the final solution would be as cheap as possible to build with the lowest possible running costs. Non-profits and community groups do amazing work and I hate to see them over spending on IT when that money could be better spent providing their services to the community.

[1] within approximately 30 minutes drive from Ballarat

Let’s work together

If you live near Ballarat I will happily meet in person to discuss your requirements free and without obligation with my preferred meeting location being The Unicorn as it has great coffee, great food, great atmosphere and great wifi (but I can also organise a quieter location if required).

Want to get the ball rolling and organise a meeting to discuss requirements? Great! Here’s how to contact me:



0448 999 690